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SL Client Description of work Work Status Work Period
21 OTBL Dredging Ltd., Chairmanbari, Banani, Dhaka Bathymetric Survey work in the Tentulia rivers in connection with dredging volume calculation & progress monitoring work. Completed January to December, 2020.
22 Project Director HFMLI Project, BWDB, Dhaka. Topographic & Bathymetric Survey of Submersible embankment of Dharmapasha Ruibeel Haors in Dharmapasha Upazila during the year 2018-19. Completed January’2019.
23 Bhola O&M Disision-2, BWDB, Charfesson, Bhola. Topographic Survey work in the Lalmohan, Manpura, Tajumudding & Charfesson Upazila at embankment & Khal different chainage during the year 2018-19. Completed December’2018 to January’2019.
24 Synthetic Resin Product (Pvt.) Ltd. Bathymetric Survey work in the Bay of Bangle along the Kumira Channel from Out-fall of Karnafuli River to South Kartily under Doublemoring thana of Chattogram District. Completed January’2019
25 Rangamati O&M Division, BWDB, Kaptai. Bathymetric Survey work along the both bank of Karnafuli & Ichamoti river for preparing of Proposed DPP during the year 2018-19. Completed March to May’2019.
26. POSCO International Ltd Bathymetric Survey work in the Bay of Bangle along intake channel & ponding area of Matarbari 1200 MW Ultra Super Critical Coal-Fired Power Project, Moheskhali, Cox’s Bazar. Completed March’2019
27. Oriental Consultants Global Co. ltd, Tokyo, Japan. Preparation of Land acquisition plan on the Mouza Map and sketch out of the alignment on the Mouza map. Completed April’2019 to July’2019.
28. JMI Group Paribag, Dhaka. Topographic & Bathymetric Survey work in the JMI LPG Plant-2 at Barabkunda, Sitakunda, Chattogram. Completed November, 2019.
29. Northwest Hydraulic Consultants (NHC) River bank erosion monitoring at Harirampur (10.0 kms.), Jaforgonj (2.0 kms.), Chauhali (8.0 kms.), Kaitola & Kaijuri (8.0 kms.). And Jamuna River full channel Bathymetric Survey (635.0 kms.), Discharge measurement by ADCP in 12 locations for 5 times and Float Track (3 nos., 78.0 Lkms. each) work during monsoon’2018. Completed August to October’2018.
30. Asian Dredgers Ltd. Bathymetric Survey work in the Turag River from Km. 87.500 to Km. 102.500 = 15.00 kms. inconnection with post volume calculation. Completed November’2018